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    AI-Controlled Mailbox: The Future of Personal Finance Management

    Joshua Browder’s Experiment with GPT-4 to Save Time and Money

    • Joshua Browder connected his physical mailbox to DoNotPay and GPT-4 to create an AI-controlled mailbox, aiming to outsource his financial life.
    • GPT-4 scans, reads, and manages mail, helping Browder unsubscribe from junk mail, negotiate bills, and send mail using various APIs.
    • This experiment highlights the potential of AI in managing personal finances and consumer rights, with impressive savings generated in just 24 hours.

    Joshua Browder, the founder of DoNotPay, decided to take a bold step in managing his personal finances by giving AI control over his physical mail. By connecting his mailbox to DoNotPay’s ChatGPT and GPT-4, Browder aims to create a fully autonomous AI agent that can save him time and money.

    To achieve this, Browder used EarthClassMail, which provides API access to all incoming mail. He then filed a request with USPS to forward all his mail to this virtual address. When the mail arrives at his virtual address, it’s sent to the Google Vision API, which scans and converts it into text. Browder can then chat with GPT-4 to manage his mail, unsubscribe from junk, negotiate bills, and even send mail using the Lob API.

    By giving AutoGPT access to his bank accounts, financial statements, credit reports, and email, Browder has allowed the AI to scan over 10,000 transactions and identify money-saving opportunities. In less than 24 hours, GPT-4 has saved Browder $217.86 by cancelling unnecessary subscriptions, obtaining refunds, and negotiating lower bills.

    Browder noticed a significant difference between GPT-3 and GPT-4 in bill negotiations. While GPT-3 was passive in its approach, GPT-4 aggressively pushed for more significant discounts, resulting in better outcomes.

    This experiment showcases the potential of AI in managing personal finances and championing consumer rights. Browder plans to make DoNotPay Chat available as a ChatGPT plugin, on their website, and even through iMessage, making it as easy as texting a friend to get refunds, cancel subscriptions, and dispute credit reports.

    By outsourcing his financial life to GPT-4, Browder highlights the power of AI when connected to the real world, and the potential of such technologies in revolutionizing personal finance management.

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