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    Project Gameface: the Hands-Free, AI-Powered Gaming Mouse

    Open-Source Solution Leverages Facial Gestures and Head Movements to Control Gaming, Increasing Accessibility for All

    • Project Gameface introduces a hands-free, AI-powered gaming mouse that allows users to control the computer’s cursor using head movements and facial gestures.
    • Inspired by a quadriplegic video game streamer, the project uses Google’s MediaPipe open-source solutions to make gaming more accessible to people with physical limitations.
    • The code for Project Gameface is open-source, currently in preview, and invites contributions from developers and users to further its potential and accessibility.

    In a move set to revolutionize the gaming industry, Project Gameface has introduced an open-source, hands-free gaming mouse that allows users to control a computer’s cursor using their head movements and facial gestures. The project aims to make gaming more accessible, ensuring that physical limitations do not hinder the pursuit of gaming.

    Project Gameface was inspired by Lance Carr, a quadriplegic video game streamer living with muscular dystrophy. Despite his physical challenges, Lance refused to let his passion for gaming fade, relying on a head-tracking mouse to control his cursor. Tragically, in 2021, Lance lost his gaming equipment, including his head-tracking mouse, in a house fire that was witnessed by gamers worldwide.

    Motivated by Lance’s story, the creators of Project Gameface collaborated with him to design a hands-free gaming mouse, implementing Google’s MediaPipe open-source solutions. The technology utilizes machine learning models to recognize head movements and facial gestures captured by a simple webcam, translating these into cursor movements. To cater to different users’ needs, a unique ‘gesture size’ feature has been incorporated, enabling users to determine the prominence required of a gesture to trigger a mouse action.

    Project Gameface stands as a promising development with the potential to make gaming more accessible for everyone, irrespective of physical limitations. The open-source code, currently in preview, offers a cost-effective and maintainable solution, inviting improvements and contributions from the wider tech community to further enhance its potential.

    Interested developers and users are encouraged to explore the GitHub repository, contributing to the growth and improvement of this innovative technology. Through initiatives like Project Gameface, the gaming industry continues to break barriers, democratizing access, and allowing everyone to partake in the joy of gaming.


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