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    Real or Fake Text

    Test Your Skills in Detecting AI-Written Content. A Fun and Engaging Way to Hone Your AI Content Detection Skills Across Various Domains

    Key Points:

    • Real or Fake Text is an interactive game that tests your ability to identify AI-generated text.
    • The game offers various categories, including short stories, news articles, recipes, and presidential speeches.
    • It helps users to develop their skills in spotting AI-written content while contributing to academic research.
    • The game is inspired by the Turing Test and evaluates users’ detection skills across different domains.

    Real or Fake Text is an engaging and interactive game that challenges users to identify when text transitions from human-written to AI-generated. With categories such as short stories, New York Times articles, recipes, and presidential speeches, the game allows users to test their skills in various domains and evaluate their ability to spot AI-written content.

    The game mechanics are simple: users are presented with a starting sentence written by a human, followed by continuation sentences. The objective is to identify the boundary where the text transitions from human-written to computer-generated. Users receive points based on the accuracy of their guesses, with the ultimate goal of honing their AI content detection skills.

    Real or Fake Text serves as a valuable resource for staying vigilant in an increasingly AI-driven world, where artificial intelligence plays a significant role in content generation. By participating in this game, users not only improve their detection skills but also contribute to academic research. The researchers behind the game are particularly interested in understanding which domains are easier or more challenging for humans to notice generated text and how randomness in the generated text impacts the game’s difficulty.

    The game utilizes data from various sources and AI models, such as the New York Times Annotated Corpus, Reddit Writing Prompts, Corpus of Presidential Speeches, and Recipe1M+. Models used for generating text include GPT2-XL, GPT2, and CTRL, among others.

    Real or Fake Text is an entertaining and informative way for users to develop their AI content detection skills across a range of domains. By participating in this interactive game, users can sharpen their abilities to recognize AI-generated content while contributing to ongoing academic research in the field of artificial intelligence.

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