We want to keep internet content free and with healthy ad ecosystem between content creators and visitors.

Better internet, better balance between user experience, advertisers and publishers.

Are you a publisher?

We fight for publishers.

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Million users using Adblock
Billion dollars blocked from publishers in 2015
Billion dollars won't reach publishers in 2016

Your website with Adblockers

Your website with NeuronAD

You can show Ads for users with Adblock
With more impressions, your profit will be higher
NeuronAD shows you statistics about Adblock visitors
Service is compatible with Wordpress, ready for custom CMS

What do we do for visitors?

Better (Ad-light) experience

less advertisement (1-2 per page), no pop-ups etc.


less tracking (contextual ads)


automated checking of websites (advertised link)


faster loading times, less data to download