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    Revel.XYZ Animai: Create, Trade, and Connect with Animated Avatars

    Powered by StabilityAI, RevelXYZ introduces a free service to generate animated avatars from a single image, allowing users to create, trade, and engage with digital creators and fans.

    Revel.XYZ, a social collectibles platform, has launched a groundbreaking new service in collaboration with StabilityAI. Known as Animai, this cutting-edge animation technology allows users to create animated avatars from a single photo or picture. The platform combines social media self-expression with the trading opportunities of a marketplace, enabling users to create and trade their unique digital collectibles.

    With Revel’s trade and sell feature, users can monetize their digital creations while building a loyal fan base. Showcasing digital content becomes a breeze, offering fans a chance to own a piece of their favorite creators’ work. By turning passion into profits, Revel paves the way for a new era of creative entrepreneurship.

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    The platform also enables users to discover and collect up-and-coming creators, providing a unique edge in the social media landscape. By being one of the first to discover, follow, and collect emerging talent, users can stay ahead of the curve and benefit from these creators’ rise to fame.

    Revel’s social aspect allows users to chat and connect with their favorite digital creators, offering unique insights and access to exclusive content. This close interaction fosters a vibrant community of creators, collectors, and fans.

    Revel’s AI tools empower users to unleash their creativity by generating stunning animations and images in seconds. Users can bring their wildest ideas to life and create one-of-a-kind artwork that captivates and inspires their audience.

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