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    GPT Takes on the Classic 2048 Game: A Test of AI Capabilities

    A Developer Integrates GPT with 2048 to Explore AI Performance in Gaming

    • Developer builds a GPT-controlled version of the popular 2048 game.
    • Users can replace the OPENAI_KEY in main.js and paste the contents into their browser console to play.
    • The project sparks discussions on AI limitations and potential improvements in gaming.

    A developer recently built a GPT-controlled version of the classic 2048 game, which can be played by replacing the OPENAI_KEY in main.js with a personal key and pasting the contents into a browser console. The developer was inspired by a comment on HackerNews and decided to experiment with integrating GPT into the game to see how it would perform.

    While the GPT-controlled version of 2048 managed to achieve a decent score, it highlighted some limitations in the AI’s ability to execute strategies and make informed decisions. The GPT model lacked the necessary board history and information about how and where the game inserts pieces, which impacted its ability to predict the next number and execute a strategy.

    Some users suggested adding memory to ChatGPT to improve its performance in gaming, while others pointed out that more advanced AI models, like AlphaStar or AlphaGo, have been trained on thousands of games to learn effective strategies. The GPT model, in comparison, was only given the rules of the game and the four basic inputs, which limited its ability to strategize.

    This GPT-controlled 2048 experiment has sparked interest in the AI community, as it highlights the potential for AI integration in gaming and provides an opportunity to explore reinforcement learning. Additionally, it showcases the limitations of GPT, emphasizing the need for AI models to develop a deeper understanding of the tasks they perform beyond a superficial linguistic level.


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