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    The sad but real story of how Midjourney 5 mentally and professionally destroyed a creative graphic designer overnight

    The new generation of Midjourney literally performs graphical miracles that allow you to replace a lot of human work, speed up the iteration of ideas, and create much more graphical content faster and more efficiently, and in a higher quality form.

    But that’s only one side of the coin. Because for many graphic designers and graphic artists, the creative work itself is something that fulfills them, so moving into the realm of “architect” isn’t exactly ideal in a similar vein to, say, programmers.

    You can read one such sad but real story in this anonymous statement from an artist who lost the job he loved overnight.

    And there are bound to be more and more cases like this:

    “I am employed as a 3D artist in a small games company
    of 10 people. Our Art team is 2 people, we make 3D
    models, just to render them and get 2D sprites for the
    engine, which are more easy to handle than 3D. We are
    making mobile games.

    My Job is different now since Midjourney v5 came out
    last week. I am not an artist anymore, nor a 3D artist. Rn
    all i do is prompting, photoshopping and implementing
    good looking pictures. The reason I went to be a 3D
    artist in the first place is gone. I wanted to create form In
    3D space, sculpt, create. With my own creativity. With
    my own hands.

    It came over night for me. I had no choice. And my boss
    also had no choice. I am now able to create, rig and
    animate a character thats spit out from MJ in 2-3 days.
    Before, it took us several weeks in 3D. The difference is:
    care, he does not. For my boss its just a huge
    ime/money saver.

    I don’t want to make “art” that is the result of scraped
    internet content, from artists, that were not asked.
    However its hard to see, results are better than my work.

    I am angry. My 3D colleague is completely fine with it.
    He promps all day, shows and gets praise. The thing is,
    we both were not at the same level, quality-wise. My
    work was always a tad better, in shape and texture,
    rendering… I always was very sure i wouldn’t loose my
    job, because I produce slightly better quality. This
    advantage is gone, and so is my hope for using my own
    creative energy to create.

    Getting a job in the game industry is already hard. But
    leaving a company and a nice team, because Al took my
    job feels very dystopian. I doubt it would be better in a
    different company also. I am between grief and anger.
    And i am sorry for using your Art, fellow artists.

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